Posted by: Becka | August 23, 2013

My Husband Yells In His Sleep

I’m sure those of you who are my faithful readers, or know me well, are under the impression that my husband yelling in his sleep is a regular occurrence.  This is not really the case.  Well, I mean, it’s regular, but it goes in spurts.  He’ll go several weeks without any rude awakenings.  But then, he’ll have a week or two where he will yell in his sleep several times in a week.

When he yells in his sleep, he is rarely intelligble.  Normally, it’s just a big long, very loud “aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”  Sometimes it will be a bit of gibberish and sometimes he will say some understandable names or words.  Thankfully, the only girl’s names he’s ever said in his sleep are the names of his sister and “mom,” or “mommy”  (reverting to his childhood, maybe?).

Last night was a doozy.  🙂  I was awakened sometime in the middle of the night to the sound of my husband yelling at, or for, or to his mother.  lol

“Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom….
Some strange words that I don’t remember, but remember thinking at the time that those words didn’t seem to fit..
“Mom, mom, mom, mom!”

I think that at some point during his “mom” tirade, he woke himself up, because a few minutes later, he got up and went downstairs.

Now, normally, I try to wake him up when he is yelling for so long.  However, I was so tired last night and I couldn’t really move as he was yelling.  lol  I went back to my blissful sleep, only to be awakened a little later with more yelling…

No words this time.  Just yelling.  This time, I was slightly more awake:
Me:  “Matt!”
Husband: “What?”
Me:  “Are you awake?”
H:  “Okay.”
Me:  “You’re not awake.”
H:  “Yes.”
Me:  “Wait, are you awake?  Wake up!”
H:  “No..yes..I’m awake.”
Me:  “Are you awake?”
H:  “Why do you keep asking me that?  I’m awake.”
Me:  “You were giving strange answers.”
H:  “Why did you wake me up?”
Me:  laughing “You were yelling…again.”
H:  “Again?”
Me:  “That’s the second time tonight.”
H:  “Oh.  Sorry.  Sorry.  I was dreaming about being in a warehouse – like in Mario.”
Me:  “Okay… … … … g-night.”
H: mumble….

Thus went the middle of the night conversation in our house last night.  Never a dull moment!  I’m sure we’ll be laughing about this tonight as I explain what went on…he’ll only remember some of it.  Probably starting around the time of “why do you keep asking me that?”  lol

I seriously love that my husband yells in his sleep.  It’s hilarious to me… and it very, very rarely even scares me at all.  I’ve tried to record him before (because it’s seriously hilarious), but normally the times I’m awake enough to record him, my movement and the light from my phone (trying to find the recording device) generally wakes him up.  I’ve considered trying my camera, but being in the dark, then I’d have a video for purely audio purposes.  haha

His yelling give me great stories for my friends, family, new friends, and of course, my blog.  He has some great stories of his own about college roommates, etc…”What in the world is wrong with you?!”  lol  I just find it completely awesome.  There are times when I’m super tired that I’m more like… “just let him yell, it will end soon.”  Mostly, I just find it so funny.  Which, is a good thing, I guess.

I do slightly panic when he’s yelling when we’re on vacation or visiting friends or family.  It doesn’t often happen in new places, but when it does, I morph into a frantic mess shaking him awake and calling his name.  lol  I’m sure I’m almost as funny as he is!

Regardless, his yelling in his sleep has become a normal part of life for me.  I think I would almost miss it if he stopped!  🙂


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