Posted by: Becka | August 27, 2013

Why I Love Delaware

Whenever someone hears that I’m originally from Los Angeles area, they are always surprised to find me in Delaware.  They always ask the same few questions:  “What brought you to Delaware?”  “It’s a lot different, isn’t it?”  They are almost always surprised when I tell them that I absolutely love living in Delaware (even one of my closer friends thought I was kidding at first when I told them that).  It’s not a story.  I truly do love it.  Besides my friends and family (and sometimes my home church), there isn’t much that I miss about California.  Well, except those awesome mountains.  Mountains out here just don’t quite compare!

People who have lived here their whole lives only want to leave “boring Delaware,”  but they don’t see what I see.  This is an absolutely great place to live!  Sometimes, I remember how nice it was to have a mall just a little ways from my house, and how much I enjoyed having easy access to different shops that I loved, but all in all, I don’t need any of those things to be happy.

Why do I love Delaware?  I’m so glad you asked!

1.  It’s where God wants me.  There is a certain contentment in being where you are supposed to be.  This is what God has for me and life is good!

2.  Rural-type living.  Delaware has a great mix.   It’s not so country that everything is miles and hours from the nearest town, or stores, but it has enough country for the feel of country living to seep into the communities.  I love that there is so much space around my house (empty fields on both sides, and behind), and that we have such a nice piece of land.

July 053

3.  Laid back.  The lifestyle is so much more laid back feeling.  The hustle and bustle of city life is strangely absent from the roads, some of the shopping, and the general day to day things.  I suppose this is why the southern-most county of Delaware is labeled as “slower lower Delaware” (and they’re very proud of this fact.  It does not refer to their mental state, though this would fit some of them…  lol).

4.  Weather.  I love having all four seasons.  I love when the leaves change colors and I love (for a short time) the cold of winter.  We get enough snow here for every snow storm to cause adjustments in school and commuting, but not too much where you feel it will never stop snowing!  The only complaint I have about the weather is the humidity, but I’m quickly adjusting and have realized that the humidity is only really terrible for a few weeks.  (This summer was so beautiful…couldn’t have asked for a better one).




5.  Extreme weather.  Though closely related to the above point, it’s not quite the same.  I love the extreme thunderstorms that pop up.  I love the thunder and lightning we get on a regular basis.  I really love the storms that pour down 4 inches of rain in less than an hour.  The downpours are so awesome.  I love the blizzards we’ve had (only 2 in the 6 years I’ve lived here…and they were only a few weeks apart).  I love the “hurricanes.”  The hurricanes that have passed over us have not caused a great amount of damage.  We generally get more rain in one of those thunderstorms than any hurricane I’ve experienced yet.  We’ve had a few small tornadoes and even one earthquake, but mostly I just love the variances in the weather.  You don’t see as many variances in LA.

6.  Local festivals.  All the little towns around here have festivals.  There is fun stuff to do all year long!  There’s Bug and Bud Festival, Punkin Chunkin, Apple Scrapple Festival, Big Saturday (town wide yard’s rather awesome), Christmas in Bridgeville, etc.  All sorts of fun stuff to do with the family!  I also love the local Farmer’s Markets that are every Saturday (in season) in downtown Milford, where I’ve bought the best locally grown sweet corn that I’ve ever tasted!

October 061

7.  Small-Town.  I love the small town aspects of much of Sussex County.  I love the local mom and pop stores and restaurants.  I love that the church bells chime regularly from the church downtown.  I love the little shops and friendly people.  I love that I become a celebrity when walking around town… “Hey, you work at the library!”  “Mom!  It’s the library lady.”  It’s just fun to talk about what’s happening around town and discovering connections between people.  I have met more of my neighbors through my job than I have from meeting them around the neighborhood (of course, they all live a ways away from me – not so easy to meet neighbors).

8.  Neighborhood.  I love my neighborhood.  I love that my neighbors are all rather far away and that even when one of them has a big party, I can’t really hear it once I go to my bedroom.  lol  I love that everyone is so friendly.  Once, when I locked myself out of my house and my keys and phone in my car, I met another of my neighbors and she was so sweet!  🙂  We have had some issues with some neighbors, but those issues have been resolved for now.  I really love the “aloneness” my house provides.  I like that I feel like I’m by myself and “away from it all” everytime I go home.

9.  My home!  I love my house.  I realize that someday I may have to move, but I’m going to love every minute in our house.  Yes, it’s a rather unique color, but I love that it just makes us an easy landmark or conversation piece.  I love our yard and porch and the peacefulness that I have when walking around my yard.  I love the complete darkness on moonless nights (I didn’t realize how annoying street lights are!).  I love my long gravel driveway and the room we have to play.  I like that I can have a clothesline in a place that doesn’t air my laundry out for everyone to see.  I like the location of our home.  It’s perfectly between my job and Matt’s job/ church.

August 375

August 387

10.  My church.  I love my church here.  I felt immediately welcome when I first attended, and I just love all the people.  I enjoy going to church, I enjoy the atmosphere of church, and I enjoy being involved in the ministries of the church.


October 224

11.  Fresh Produce.  I was never one for vegetables.  I would eat them because they were good for me, but I didn’t really enjoy them.  Fresh gardens and marrying into a “green thumb” family, gave me a new love and appreciation for fresh produce.  To my surprise, I even enjoy the tomatoes!  I just tried some homegrown figs this past week (and enjoyed those too).  Fresh green beans are also pretty amazing.  Having the space to grow or the places to purchase fresh produce is so amazing.  I realize you can get or have this anywhere, but I never really experienced it much until moving to Delaware (except for rare occasions when I benefited from Jen’s garden).  🙂


12.  Taxes.  I know, I know, weird thing to appreciate, but really, the taxes of my county are so incredibly low.  There is no sales tax, and the property tax is so low, that it entices people to move here for that reason alone.  I love it.  We have a rather conservative county (overall), and it shows in taxes and other areas.

13.  My job.  I love my job.  My previous library jobs prepared me well for this job.  I love what I do, I love who I work with (Christian coworkers who are always sharing prayer requests and praises), and I even love, for the most part, working with the community.

September Storytimes 003

14.  I love that my job is located in a community that is rather “religious.”  Wearing skirts around here isn’t considered “weird.”  My job even closes down early on certain nights of the week because nobody was coming, they were all “in church.”  I love that this feel of old-time America is still present in my little town.  On that note, my job also has the biggest collection of Christian Fiction and christian books that I’ve ever seen in any library (we rival some Christian bookstores).

This is a church nearby, not in my town.

This is a church nearby, not in my town.

15.  The beach.  I’m not huge on the beach, mostly,  I don’t enjoy the beach crowds.  However, being from SoCal, I have a certain love for the beach ingrained into my being.  The east coast beaches do have some differences from the west coast beaches (the biggest being the ocean that touches them).  The saddest thing about east coast beaches is that they only have the sunrise…no sunset.  As I am not a morning person, this is quite sad.  However, I love the beaches we have around here.  The beach towns are touristy and fun, and the beaches are rather nice.  I love that the beach is closer to me now than when I lived in California!  It’s so fun to go down for a bike ride on the trails, or have a cookout at the beach.  I just love it.

August 326

August 354

16.  The woods.  I grew up in the “canyons” of San Dimas.  This gives me a certain love for forest-like conditions.  I love jaunting into the woods behind my house.  It brings a bit of nostalgia and excitement to my heart.  I love the different wildlife I get to see, and the memories evoked by the trails through the woods.  Just don’t forget your bug spray!

October 097

17.  The farmer’s fields.  There are fields all over in my area (one next to my house, in fact).  I enjoy watching the crops sprout up and looking forward to certain growing seasons (the sweet corn, especially).  I like the openness that the fields create.  The woods that grow all over Delaware, just add another dimension to the landscape! (Delaware is pretty flat).

November 068

October 117

15.  Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without listing that I love Delaware because this is where my husband is!  🙂  Also, I love my friends and family here as well.

August 179


They say that home is where the heart is.  My heart is definitely in Delaware.  Someday, that may change, but if it doesn’t, I do believe I could be happy here for the rest of my life.  🙂


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