Posted by: Becka | September 20, 2013

New Glasses!

I was way overdue for some new eye glasses.  The pair that I have been wearing, I’ve had for 7 years.  I had not been to the eye doctor once in those 7 years (even though appointments would have been covered for at least 5 of those years by my job).  I finally just got fed up with all the scratches on my glasses that were causing them to lose some a lot of their effectiveness.

I really started noticing said scratches when I tried on my brother’s glasses last April.  (Yes, it takes me a while to get around to things sometimes).  We had fun trying on each other’s glasses, as our prescriptions are almost identical.  I didn’t quite realize just how scratched my glasses were until I wore his for a few minutes.  “I can see!”  It was amazing.  I started planning to have an eye appointment and get some new glasses.

IMG_5158     IMG_5160

That plan finally came to fruition last week.  Yes, almost 5 months after the fact.  Oops.  I brought along my friend to be my chauffeur and fashion consultant as I am absolutely terrible at picking out glasses for myself (My last pair attest to this as they do nothing for my face, and even are almost too small for my face – this is my mom’s fault:  “You look good in them all!”).

Not the best picture since my hair is straight, but... :)

Not the best picture since my hair is straight, but… 🙂

I actually really enjoyed my appointment.  The doctor was very personable and friendly, and it wasn’t at all weird or awkward at any time.  I don’t know if he just has lots of experience or we really did connect, but I left feeling almost like I had made a new friend!  🙂  It was a wonderful experience.

Picking out frames, of course, was the hardest part.  The girl that helped me did a wonderful job, however, and was really honest about her thoughts.  🙂  Rachel also did an amazing job at helping me narrow things down and finally decide on a pair.

I was very happy to hear that there is no need for me to change any of my “glasses wearing” habits.  I only need them for distances, so I don’t need to wear them while working at a computer, or reading (or crocheting – this was implied), but only for driving, power point presentations, watching tv, etc.  if I feel I need them.  Wonderful!

With my new stylish glasses, I will no longer feel funny when I do need to wear them and instead will be more likely to pull them out and use them!  I hated wearing my old ones and would rather squint at the screen in church than wear them.  Also, with as scratched as they were, it was only helpful if I looked out of a certain part of them, which caused some awkward head tilting and drew some strange looks in the middle of church.

September 271


September 269

I should have done this ages ago.  In the words of Brian Regan, “How could ‘instantly improve vision’ not be at the top of your to do list?  How could ‘instantly improve vision’ not be at the top of your TO DO list?”  Oops.



  1. Bwahaha so this whole time I thought the top pic was of your new glasses and the bottom pics were of your old glasses but now I think got it mixed up lol. I actually like the top ones – but then never having worn glasses what do I know? I can’t even find sunglasses that I like on me lol.
    And this is random-ish but since we had talked about these glasses earlier – today on the bus I saw a girl with super cute glasses and it made me think of you. I was like “Beck needs those!” They looked really expensive though, and considering her entire outfit, they probably were lol.

    • LOL Yeah, the bottom pics are my new glasses. 🙂 I have such a hard time picking them out and these ones looked “big” to me, but both the girl at the place AND Rachel both said they weren’t too big and they looked great. So, whatever. Besides, I loved the colors and style. AND I don’t have to wear them constantly. haha

      You should have taken a pic of that girl’s glasses so I could see them! What were they like?

  2. Very stylish – nice choice!

    • 🙂 Thanks! I’m still getting used to them…lol

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