Posted by: Becka | September 27, 2013

How Did You Prick Me? Let Me Count the Ways

Yesterday did not go as planned.  I should have known that my day was headed for trouble early in the morning.  An annoying gnat was flying around my face and I swatted at it.  It went directly in my eye, of course.  I blinked and blinked, but I couldn’t get it out, so I covered the few feet to the bathroom mirror and opened my eye.  The bug was crawling on my eyeball!  What?!  I blinked and it would just get stuck under my eyelids and when I would re-open my eyes, it would start crawling around again.  I tried to swipe at it when it was at the white parts of my eyes and eventually managed to push it into my eyelashes, still covered with wet mascara.  This caused the bug to get stuck.  I had to scrape him out of my eyelashes!  Sigh.  Not a good way to start your day.

I had my first prenatal appointment yesterday, so I headed out to the doctor.  I was almost to the doctor’s office, when I realized I had left my phone at home.  Oh well, I’ll just call my husband (who was out of town) when I get home to tell him about the appointment.

Before being called into my appointment, I was relaxing in the waiting room crocheting (as always) and I ran out of yarn for my project!  No worries, I had brought along a second project….but didn’t bring the hook that I needed for it.  Ugh.  This day is going down the tubes.

My appointment went rather smoothly and the midwife said that everything was looking good for this early in my pregnancy.  She gave me tips and instructions, a packet full of papers to read, and told me that they needed me to get some blood work done.  No problem.  I’ve had my blood drawn twice now, and had no issues, so I figured that I would just run up to the hospital, get that done, and then head home, call my husband, and head to work.

Judging by the little things that were making my morning not quite stellar, I probably should have just headed home and done the blood work another day.  However, that would have meant another trip down to Seaford, and more time out of all the stuff I need to get done.

After about twenty minutes waiting at the hospital, they called me in for my blood work.  Now, I had already given a urine sample at the doctor’s office, but I guess they needed to do more tests, so they started with a urine sample.  Aftewards, I’m sitting in the chair watching the phlebotomist pull out all the different little vials.  She pulled out nine!  Apparently, I should have realized that I would need lots of blood tests, but nobody really warned me that it would be so much!  A part of me was a slight bit nervous at the thought of them taking all that blood.  🙂

Well, no matter, it will all be over soon and I can continue through my day.  This is when the first prick came.  Now, I had blood drawn just last week for confirming my pregnancy.  It left a gigantic bruise on my arm, and it made it difficult to see the vein that they most commonly use on my for drawing blood.  Apparently, this girl needed to clearly see the vein because she completely missed it.

1.  After rooting around in my arm for what felt like ages and was very painful, she pulled the needle out.

2.  She pricked a vein in my hand, attempting to draw from there.  After much poking and wiggling, that was accompanied by a lot of pain, she finally got the needle in.

She started the process of drawing blood.  Oh good, one vial down.  She starts on the second.  Oh, this is strange…
“I’m feeling dizzy.”
Phlebotomist:  “Uh oh.”
Me:  “I’m feeling really dizzy.”
P:  “Don’t worry, hon, they’re on their way.”
The other girl starts fanning me with a file folder.  I was taking long deep breaths and they gave me some apple juice.  The questions started flowing:
Random Person:  “Did you eat today?”
Me:  “Yes, peanut butter crackers.”
RP:  “You’re pregnant?”
Me:  “Yes.”
I’m SO dizzy and the apple juice wasn’t helping.  Things are spinning, I’m getting hot, and I’m starting to feel sick to my stomach.
RP:  “How far along?”
Me:  “6 weeks.”
At this point, or somewhere around here (things are a little “fuzzy”  haha), my hearing started getting really muted.  It sounded as if I were 10 feet under the water.  There were people everywhere in front of me, and I’m still sitting in the chair.  I even had the presence of mind to make a little joke,  “I feel like I should do a dance.”
The lady in front of me proceeded to do a little jig.  I would have laughed had I been feeling better.

Sometime in this entire process, I recall making a conscious decision to close my eyes.  “It will feel so good!”  I told myself.  Apparently, during one of those conscious eyes-closing decisions I actually passed out.  It’s weird because nobody was really in a different place or doing or saying anything abnormal when I came to.  They had to tell me that I passed out.  When I came to, I immediately lost my cookies…errr crackers.  This was around 10:10am.

Once I was feeling somewhat better, they put me on a gurney and wheeled me to the emergency room.  Why, oh why did I leave my phone at home?  This age of cell phones is really bad for my phone number memorizing skills.  I knew a grand total of 3 numbers that were even helpful.  I tried to call Matt using the hospital phone, but as he was in sessions and such, I just left a message.  I called work to inform them I wouldn’t be in today.  I tried to call my dad (He has my old phone number), but he didn’t answer either.  It was really sad to feel so alone.  I finally had the bright idea that the library could get me my friend’s number.  She didn’t answer either…at first.  I even tried calling the church office, but nobody was in the office apparently, because I received no answer.  Later, Matt told me that I should have tried to call LJM Electric (friends of ours from church), but when I repeating the name to Rachel, I didn’t even say it correctly.  Good luck finding that in the phone book.

They finally get me into a room in emergency and they decide that I need an IV.  Oh, please, no.  Before they get around to placing an IV, I realize that I’m absolutely freezing!  They bring a blanket.

3.  The girl pokes around in the same arm and same place as earlier.  Ow. Ow. Ow.

4.  The girl pokes in the same arm a little more towards the outside.  Ow. Ow. Ow.   “You have little veins.”

5.  The girl pokes in my hand.  Ow. Ow. Ow.

6.  The girl pokes in my hand again!  Finally, the IV is in.  Wow, those things hurt.

7.  A girl comes to take my glucose reading.  Pokes my ring finger of my left hand.  Ow.  Can’t get enough blood out.

8.  Pokes my middle finger.  Ow.  Can’t get enough blood out.

9.  Pokes my pointer finger.  Ow.  Can’t get enough blood out.

10.  Pokes my thumb.  FINALLY.  “Her blood sugar isn’t low.”  Seriously?

A few minutes later….

11.  A girl comes and pokes around in my left arm near the elbow.  Nope.

12.  Pokes in my elbow again…this time near the middle.  Nope

13.  Pokes in my elbow…again.  Nope.

14.  Tries my left hand.  Owwwww.  “Oh, I had it for a minute.  Right about the time you yelled that last time, but now nothing is coming out.”  WHAT?!  Seriously?  Can’t I just go home?  I’m still freezing cold (part of why she couldn’t get any blood out of my fingers), and they bring me another blanket.

I finally get ahold of Rachel, and she so graciously dropped everything she was doing and what she had planned for the day to come be with me in the hospital.  It meant so much to have someone there with me!  After some tears of relief when I found out she was coming, it was a little bit easier to cope with things.  She offered to text Matt to make sure he got my message, and she even stopped by my house and got my phone for me!

“Honey, we’re gonna finish taking your blood in a minute here.”
Me:  “First, could you bring me another blanket?  I’m still freezing.”  Let me tell you, those nice warm hospital blankets are marvelous.  lol

They called Stacy.  All I know is that Stacy is amazing.  She made me smile, laugh, joke, and called me “baby” about a million times.

15.  In Stacy’s hands, it took one little prick in the side of my left arm and she had all the blood she needed in less than 3 minutes.  Stacy is my new hero.  In fact, I’m requesting Stacy next time.  If Stacy had been the one to start the blood draw in the first place, it’s highly unlikely I would have passed out.  I love Stacy.

After they took my blood, the IV had finished, they needed yet another urine sample.  Good thing I’m pregnant and drinking lots of fluids.  lol  I was starving, but they kept telling me I couldn’t eat yet.  Rachel and Alyss showed up with snacks, which were making my mouth salivate.  She kept me company for another two hours while they got all the test results back.  I guess that since I’m pregnant, they wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with me.  Apparently, I just react to needles being dug all around in my arm!  Go figure.

Finally, around 2:30pm, they said I can eat!  I scarfed down that sandwich that Rachel brought, chugged the water, and had some delicious homemade cookies.

They finally allowed me to go home around 3pm.  Seriously, I was only supposed to be there for a few minutes!  I fell asleep almost immediately upon arriving home.  Ugh.  What a day!  (I’m so thankful for good insurance).

Today, besides some tiredness that is most likely just pregnancy related, I feel great.  Well, that is, besides the numerous bruises in my elbows, hands, and fingers.  Sigh.

Oh!  And by the way, my due date is May 21, 2014.  Here’s hoping there are no more fainting episodes.  🙂



  1. omg that sounds awful! I hate needles so just reading that post made me squirm. Glad everything worked out ok in the end though 🙂

    • Me too! Though that was kinda a bad day, it was nice to know that the episode was unrelated to the baby! 🙂

  2. Oh my, sounds like the fun is just getting started! lol

    • lol I hope that’s all the excitement for the remainder of the pregnancy! haha I never had that problem before! 🙂

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