Posted by: Becka | October 1, 2013

Freezer Cold Pack Pinterest Fail

When my husband hurt his thumb, I remembered seeing this great idea on Pinterest of how to make your own gel freezer packs using dish soap (some said to use rubbing alcohol).  The idea was to freeze it in a ziploc bag and after several hours, you have a nice squishy, “frozen,” ice pack.

Since we were using bags of frozen green beans for Matt’s thumb, I decided that this would be a good idea.  Since I don’t have the internet at home, I texted my friend who looked it up on Pinterest for me.

I followed her directions.  I filled the ziploc bag with Dawn dishsoap and put it in the freezer.  Two hours later, it still wasn’t very cold, and definitely not frozen yet.  The next morning, when I pulled the “ice pack” out of the freezer, it was frozen solid.  Solid like a huge block of ice!  FAIL!

The good news is that once the pack thawed, the soap still worked and I was able to salvage most of it right back into the soap bottle!  lol

July 100

July 102

Since it was such a failure, I started looking around on Pinterest to see if maybe I just chose the wrong recipe.  Here are the different ways listed on Pinterest:

1.  Dish soap in a ziploc.  We already know from above that this one didn’t work.  I found an original post that says this method worked great.  My experience says otherwise!

2.  Rubbing Alcohol and Water in a ziploc.

This one didn’t work so great.  It worked better than #1, as it was more like crushed ice, but it was really chunky and still rather hard.

September 263

3.  Rubbing Alcohol and Dish soap in a ziploc.

This one worked pretty well, though I noticed that the dish soap part was still rather liquid-y.  However, it was much better than either #1 or #2.  On the other hand, to create effective ice packs, you would need so much of both these materials that it might just be better to buy a soft ice pack or two.  😉

September 267


All in all, this was rather a failed Pinterest idea.  Mostly because I did not find it practical enough or felt that it worked well enough to justify doing things this way.  I guess I will stick to using a bag of peas (or green beans like last time), maybe eventually I’ll actually buy a soft ice pack.  🙂



  1. I often wonder if these Pinterest DIY ideas work–thanks for experimenting and reporting back!

    • lol No problem. I was disappointed that it didn’t work, but at least now I know! 🙂

  2. I had just thought about trying this after having lost my one soft one…

    • Well, only the third method works even remotely. Forget the other two and you’ll probably be better off just buying a new one! 🙂

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