Posted by: Becka | October 22, 2013

Physical Therapy

Today, I had my first physical therapy session for my thumb.  I really liked my therapist, and she was in total agreement that my “injury” was related to my pregnancy.  She explained why this kinda of diagnosis is common when pregnant.

She took lots of measurements of my range of motion, pressed here, pulled there, bent this way and that, and asked me a lot of questions.  She’s unsure if the tendinitis diagnosis is correct and think it might be more of a ligament problem.  We did a few exercises, and she sent me home with instructions to do them every day (they’re pretty easy and don’t take much time).  I do have to go to two sessions a week at least for next week (and probably the week after that, but I’m hoping that we can reduce to just once a week then).  However, she didn’t think my issue needed a lot of attention.

I can do any normal activities that I want to, as long as I’m careful and in tune with my pain level (which honestly, isn’t very high at all).  I asked specifically about crocheting (gotta get those Christmas orders done!), and she said crocheting is fine, but if my thumb starts to hurt, I might want to put a brace on.  🙂  I can live with that!  I must admit, the mini-break from crocheting was rather nice.

I was so glad for the encouraging diagnosis and the simple, but effective exercises!  Speaking of, I should probably do my exercises.



  1. YAY! *happy dance* 🙂 glad to hear it was good news!

    • 🙂 Thanks!

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