Posted by: Becka | November 7, 2013

No More Physical Therapy!

I was so happy on Tuesday when my physical therapist told me no more therapy was needed.  Hooray!  It’s so nice not to have those to fit into my schedule.  This, of course, means I can crochet again – as much as I want.  However, I seem to have lost my motivation.  This is bad as I really need this motivation.  Not only do I have several outstanding orders that customers are waiting patiently for, but I also have a lot that I need to do before the next craft show (which is a mere 4 weeks away).  Sigh.  If I had known of my pregnancy before signing up and paying for the craft show, I’d would have seriously reconsidered.  🙂  I’m sure it will be fun and great…I hope.

Still, I’m overjoyed that my thumb has healed (though she did give me several exercises to do, I’m not planning on doing any unless my thumb starts hurting again) and that I am “free!”  I did have to laugh as they gave me a “free” t-shirt for graduating from physical therapy.  Hah!  Free.  My insurance paid for my sessions, and they received a nice chunk of money from me in co-pays too.  Free – right…whatever makes you feel better.  😉  Not sure I’ll ever wear the t-shirt, but hey, it was “free.”  lol

While at my last appointment, I was talking with the therapist and another man who was there for a session (I had met him the week before).  In the course of the conversation, it came out that I was pregnant.  He looks me over (in a non-creepy way) and says in shock, “You’re pregnant?!!”
Me:  “Around 3 months.”
Man:  “You must be God or something, because you don’t even look pregnant!  You don’t even look fat.”
Me:  “ummmmm….. thanks?”  Wait, what?  God?  What in the world is he talking about?
Man:  “I’m gonna need to see proof from a doctor before I’m going to believe that.”
Me:  “Well, you’re just going to have to take my word for it.”
Wow.  Made me laugh.  He then went on to tell how his wife was pregnant with their third child and at three months the doctor thought it might be twins or triplets because she was “so big.”  Nope.  Only one.  According to that man, his daughter arrived 2 weeks early and was over 11 lbs!  No wonder he didn’t believe I was pregnant.  😉

This man also liked to talk politics.  The majority of his views lined up closely with mine.  I mentioned at some point “moving to Delaware” and he asked where I moved from.  When I mentioned it was Los Angeles area, he looked at me in shock and said “You seem pretty conservative, how did that happen?”  I have run into this a lot.  People just have no idea that California is basically like everywhere else.  You have a mix of conservative and liberal (the liberal just often wins).  I explained to him that there were a lot of conservatives in California, especially in some of the churches.  😉  I guess to cover up his ignorance of this, he then said something along the lines of “I’d be surprised if there were any conservatives in San Francisco.”  Well, I know some.  Personally.  I blew him away again.  Utter shock.  It is a little disappointing how the media portrays California in such away that people across America cannot fathom any conservative people living there.

Made for an interesting end to my physical therapy sessions.  lol


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