Posted by: Becka | November 12, 2013

Ding Dong, the Rat is Dead

♫ Ding dong, the rat is dead! The wicked rat is dead! ♫

I have never been so happy to see a dead animal in my house.  Friday night when I got home from work, out of curiosity, I trepidly peered around the corner. I hadn’t turned on the light, so at first I thought maybe I was seeing things and scaring myself to death for no reason.  However, I was pretty sure that my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.  I could tell the rat trap had moved.

After a few minutes of gathering my courage, I returned to the doorway of my kitchen, turned on the light, and ever so carefully, peeked around the corner.  Sure enough, that was definitely a large rodent stuck in the trap.  I watched it for a few long seconds just to make sure it wasn’t moving.  Then I stayed well away until Matt got home.  His presence gave me the courage to get a closer look.  🙂

As much as this seems so weird to me, the rat wasn’t nearly as ugly or scary as I expected him to be.  Mostly because he was dead and not bloody, because I was really frightened that one time I saw one alive in my house.  Anyways, dead and looking like he was peacefully sleeping, he wasn’t quite so scary…although as noted above, I did wait until Matt got home before even trying to approach it.

Matt was super excited and slightly disappointed that it was a Friday night since he wanted to take it to school.  🙂  We took tons of pictures, which you can view here.  The rat is dead in the pictures, but there is no blood.  The trap did come down on his skull and is stuck in his head though.  lol

I was wanting to take a “poking at a dead animal” picture for my good friend who has an album on facebook for that kind of thing (I know, the people I hang with), so as I was leaning down to pretend to poke the rat, my photographer took a step backward right onto a mouse trap.  I about had a heart attack and died right there on the spot.  This was not a “scream because I’m so scared” fright, it was the “freeze in place and hold my breath” kind.  I guess I thought the rat was actually alive or that his family was coming to get me!  haha Or something.

The even better news is that since the death of the rat, we have caught two mice in traps!  Since mice and rats don’t co-exist, we’re hoping this means no more rats – ever.



  1. 🙂 You’re so funny! Glad the little devil is finally dead. So was he tail-less?

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