Posted by: Becka | January 9, 2014

A Trip to Michigan

Well, as usual, I’m quite a bit behind in my blogging.  After Christmas (the day after, to be exact), Matt and I headed out on a road trip to Michigan.  My cousin was getting married, but the real motivation was that my parents were also making the trip from California!  🙂

We had a pleasant time, the wedding went really well, but my favorite part was hanging out at the cottage on Lake Michigan.  It was so relaxing, restful, and full of good memories.

Since I’m working on catching up, I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.  🙂

Wedding preparations:

December 407

December 412

December 417

Wedding and Family!

December 444

December 449

December 456

December 476

December 502

December 515

The cottage!

December 535

December 548

December 569

December 601

December 624


Trip home:

December 648

December 651

December 658

December 676

December 677




  1. is that cheese he’s putting into those bags?

    • lol It is! For the wedding reception.

      • ok, I gotta know what you do with bags of cheese at a wedding reception

        • lol It was a small reception, more like a dessert bar. The cheese was for the crackers. 😉

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