Posted by: Becka | January 10, 2014

Snow Day!

I finally got a much longed-for snow day.  Last Thursday night, we got six inches of snow!  I know, Delawareans are wimps, but I love that everything shuts down for some snow.  I really enjoyed my long weekend.  I definitely should have done some more work around the house, but I was enjoying the relaxation too much!

January 071

January 075

January 082

January 090

January 095

January 097

Friday afternoon, Matt and I went over to my WWII Nurse friends.  I had a nice visit with them while he shoveled their driveway.  After that, we headed home and had a nice, relaxing evening at home!

January 125

January 131

January 137

January 145

Saturday, Rachel came over for a little bit and we had tons of fun going through stuff and taking pictures.  Yep, 20 weeks pregnant and not much to show for it!  🙂  I can definitely feel that baby kicking – often – though! We ended our visit with some delicious, warming, hot chocolate.  🙂

January 156

January 157

January 174-1

January 176-1

January 182

January 185

As a parting shot, this picture makes me laugh so hard every time I look at it!

January 135



  1. Those are some awesome icicles! And haha yeah, that doesn’t look like much snow. =) Now…when I heard that WISCONSIN shut down for a day (or two?) I was definitely shocked. (Due to extreme temps I think?) When WI shuts down, you know it’s bad, ha!

    • lol Right! Our schools here shut down for a day because of temps (I thought they were wimps at first), but the frostbite time was around 15 minutes and some of the school buses aren’t heated! lol

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