Posted by: Becka | January 30, 2014

Beautiful Winter

I must admit, I have been enjoying this winter.  Yes, it’s been bitterly cold (compared to usual winters).  Yes, my one little tiny pipe bringing water to  my bathtub spigot has frozen at least three times (don’t worry, it’s a flexible pipe, so we just blast a bit of heat in there and all is well – I don’t use the cold water in my shower very often anyways).  Yes, my hands are breaking out with eczema (which I haven’t had a hint of in at least 6 years).  Yes, my pinky ring has almost gotten lost twice due to the new “slimness” of my fingers.  Yes, my house has been below 50° once or twice when I arrived home from work (though it felt so warm when I first walked in!).  However, the snow and ice have been so gorgeous and I have unashamedly loved almost every single minute of it – from indoors, at least.  🙂

This morning, it actually warmed up a bit!  All the way to 31°!  This morning, as the sun (not the heat of the day) warmed up the side of my house, I could hear the icicles falling.  When I went outside, I noticed the beautiful ice build-ups around the edges of my house.  Not only did the falling icicles create this beauty, but the dripping from icicles.  It was so gorgeous and made me wish I hadn’t left my house with only 3 minutes to spare.  😉

January 322

January 323

January 325

January 328

January 332

January 334

This last snowfall was so gorgeous!  It was fluffy and soft and so sparkly!  I didn’t get the hoped for snow day, but I did get a 1.5 hour delay for work that morning.  I’ll take what I can get!

My dog has been enjoying the winter too.  You’d think that he’d be over the cold, yet, every time I go to pet him, he feels really warm.  He was obviously made for this type of weather…besides the fact that his nose is chapped – poor guy.  We’ve been taking steps to help his nose heal.  He seems as happy as ever and even has adjusted to our ministrations on his nose and hardly struggles now.  🙂  He really  wanted to play this morning and I was once again sad that I didn’t leave the house earlier.

January 331

January 333

Some people saying there is more snow in the forecast.  I know some are over the snow, but I say, “bring it on!”  Something about snow is still somewhat magical to me.  



  1. 31 degrees! feels like summer! 😉

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