Posted by: Becka | March 22, 2014

Another Snow Day?

I must say, that I’m definitely ready for Spring.  I also must say that if it’s going to be cold and if it’s going to snow, I might as well get another snow day out of it.

We got so much  snow on Monday.   Over 6 inches, and definitely the most significant snowfall yet this year.  School was cancelled, my work was cancelled, and even my doctor’s appointment was cancelled.  I had big plans.  Unfortunately, I’m reaching the point of pregnancy where I get worn out really easily.

I worked hard and I did manage to get the kitchen cleaned, some laundry ironed, and the guest room ready for my mother’s upcoming visit.  Then it was time for a nap.  Only, the baby didn’t think so.  So, instead, I had a nice rest.  🙂

March 162

March 168

March 173

March 175

March 176

March 180

March 187

March 190

March 195

March 197

We went over to a friend’s house for corned beef and cabbage, and then played some games and watched a movie.  It was such a nice day and subsequent evening.

I’d be happy if that was the last snowfall of the year, but the beginning of this coming week isn’t looking very promising.  I’m ready for Spring!


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