Posted by: Becka | July 22, 2014

Flying By

As I knew would be the case, my blog is taking a back seat to everything else. My daughter is thriving and approaching two months of age. She does have some tummy troubles that keep me super busy throughout the day. Naptime is a struggle. Just when I get her to sleep, either her tummy hurts and wakes her up, or it’s time for her next meal! I did try letting her skip a meal, but that resulted in a rough night, so I don’t do that anymore. Lol She sleeps like an angel at night (probably because she hardly gets a good nap in during the day). For 5 nights in a row she averaged 8 hours a night…until last night, which blew that average out of the water. I think I may have managed to get 4 hours of sleep.? I really can’t complain though, since last night was the worst night she’s had since the 2nd and 3rd nights after she was born. Since then, she’s been a dream at night (no pun intended – lol).

July 275
My husband has been really busy getting our yard looking amazing. It’s so nice to walk around every evening and see what he’s worked on, what he’s done differently, or what he’s planning to do next. We have seen several deer this year right at our back fence. Of course, I never have the camera in hand when we see them, but it’s cool to watch them anyways.

July 007

July 295

July 307
I can’t believe the summer is passing so quickly! I feel like I haven’t done anything (well, besides have a baby). On the other hand, I’ve been really busy and did a lot of activities. Each member of my family came and visited me after my daughter was born, so I basically had company for 3.5 weeks straight after her birth. It was fun, though! Since we had company, we did a lot of things and Brooklyn got a lot of “firsts” in very early. She visited her first museum, went to the beach for the first time, went to the park, went out of the state for the first time (several times with day trips and trips to the airport), had her first visit to the library (and several since), went to her first aquarium, experienced her first fireworks (okay, she actually fell asleep in the middle of them), and has already even been to her first babysitter several times (of course, the babysitter was her Grandma, but still…).

July 094
Life is starting to settle into a new normal, but still manages to keep us on our toes. For instance, the other night I was awakened by my husband banging around…well, at least I thought that was what I was hearing until I became more aware and realized that we actually caught a mouse in the trap under our bed! Never a dull moment at our house, especially at night. When I was very pregnant, I kept hearing a mouse in our bedroom and it kept me awake several hours a few nights in a row. My husband “thought” he heard it too, but I think he may have placed that trap there to placate me. Lol Turns out, I wasn’t going crazy! I was happy that we caught this mouse as that evening when hanging out in the living room, a little critter ran across the floor right in front of me! I flipped out slightly, but didn’t scream. Lol I keep telling myself the mouse in our bedroom was the same mouse. I’m probably lying to myself.

Well, you’ll probably hear from me in another month.  lol  If I get internet access at my home soon, the posts will start to be more regular.  Until then, updates will be sparse.


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