Posted by: Becka | November 4, 2014

It’s Just Me

The other night, while sitting in the living room, my husband and I heard “critters” playing in our ceiling.  However, the sound was “bigger” than just a mere mouse.  We discussed the possibility of another rat invading our house, made a game plan and no more was said on the subject.

Around 3am, I got up.  When I finished what I was doing, got a drink of water, I turned around, and flipped off the kitchen light.  As soon as I did so, there was a “big” scuffle sound in the dining room.  I grabbed the side of the doorway, and “scooted” backward into the kitchen, with a huge intake of breath.

It’s amazing what goes through your mind in a split second.  I distinctly had several thoughts:
“Oh, no!  A Rat!  I’m NOT going to walk through there in the dark.  Are you kidding me?  I should turn the light back on immediately.”

While these thoughts were rolling through my mind, I was slightly frozen.  It couldn’t have been more than a second.  During this “frozen” time, I hear, “It’s just me.”

Wait, what?

“It’s just me.”

Oh.  My husband.  I flip the light on.

“Didn’t you see me?”

Hahaha, if my reaction is any indication, obviously not.  “  I just heard a ‘big’ sound, thought rat, and was going to turn the light back on.”

“Oh, that makes sense.  I would hope you’d react more strongly to an intruder.”

Hahaha, yep.  Oh, a stranger is in my house, let me hide behind the counter.  Lol

After putting our dog away who was “barking it up at 3am for no reason,” my husband returned to bed, where I had been laughing as I fell back asleep.

As he walks into the room, he says, “It’s just me.”


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