Posted by: Becka | September 7, 2016

The Uninvited Guest

I know it’s been forever, but guess what?!  We finally have internet capability at our house.  Now, it’s very limited, so I don’t know if it will actually affect my blogging frequency, but it’s nice to dream.

We had a very interesting and not so wonderful experience the other day.  I had just put my 2 yr old daughter down for her nap and was preparing to get a little catnap myself.  As I was walking through my living room, I heard a strange rustling noise and turned, and saw….

a 2.5 foot (maybe 3) long BLACK SNAKE.  IN. MY. LIVING. ROOM.  This is where I was thankful it was Labor Day and my husband was home.  I ran outside (in my bare feet) and frantically waved at him across our yard.

I told him what I saw, the direction the snake slithered in and the next step was to see if it was still in the house.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?  I can’t really decide).  It was indeed still in the house, hiding under the very couch I was planning to snooze on.  I’m still not sure if the knowledge of his presence was good or not, but I’m definitely leaning towards I’d rather know he was there so I can do something about it.  Or rather, my husband can do something about it.  We blocked off all the sides of our couch with chairs and boards so that the snake only had one point of exit.  After about an hour of observing the snake, letting my husband think about what to do next, and moving various toys and furniture out of his way, he came up with a brilliant plan.  It was a brilliant plan, but I felt as if it were such a long shot.  I figured we’d be there the rest of the day trying to capture the thing.

He cut a little hole in a pizza box, slid it up to the corner of the couch and just waited.  After about 10 minutes, the snake started going in the box!  I couldn’t believe it.  He got a broomstick and tapped the wall behind it to encourage it the rest of the way in.  We blocked the hole, then dropped the entire box into a big storage Rubbermaid container.  Taped that shut and my husband drove it far, far away and let it go.

Ugh, a snake in my house.  And here I thought we had an understanding.  The black snakes by my house are supposed to eat all the mice, but leave me, my family, and my house alone.  I guess we will have to have a talk about appropriate snake behavior.  And guess what?  I never even screamed and my daughter slept through the entire thing.  Amazing. However, he is never invited back.



  1. I have to say, that’s about the *only* creature we haven’t had in our house here in Fiji. And that’s only because there ARE no snakes in Fiji, ha. What a great story!

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