Posted by: Becka | October 6, 2017

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato!

It’s strange, but I used to despise tomatoes.  Ketchup was fine.  Tomato soup was fine.  But put a tomato on my sandwich or in my salad, or like my sister, try to get me to eat one raw?  Forget it!

Over the years, my tastes have strangely changed.  Now I love tomatoes on my burgers.  I even learned to love them on my grilled cheese.  I especially look forward to my in-laws giving me fresh tomatoes from their garden.  However, I still hate them in my salad.  Once in a while, I will even eat a tomato slice by itself.  Only if they’re homegrown though.  Somehow, they taste a million times better.

I’ve even reached the point where I have attempted for 2 years to grow my own! So fra, I’ve been unsuccessful.  Last year, I planted them too late. This year, my dog has developed a fondness for green tomatoes. I even have 2 cages around my plant. He just jumps into it and either takes the tomatoes he wants, or eats the half he can reach! I’ll have to take more drastic measures next year.

Not ever eat a tomato? Only in my salad.


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