Posted by: Becka | January 22, 2018


Time passes so quickly.  We all know this, have experienced it, and have bemoaned or welcomed it depending on our mood or the situation.  For me, time has recently been measured by the rapid growth of my children.  How has it been a year since Katelyn was born?  However, it most definitely has been a year.  Time is so strange.  It feels like just yesterday, but when I stop and consider, I realize it has indeed been a “long” time.  How is that possible?  My baby is growing up and will soon bear the title of toddler as opposed to infant.  I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful child…. almost.  😉

She has 4 teeth, eats lots of varieties of food, and has such a fun personality.  She jabbers constantly, clearly telling a story.  She is active, adventurous, and has little fear…except when it comes to inflatable hobby horses.  Then, she has an irrational fear and will not venture to the side of the room where said toy is.  It cracks me up.  She is one of the happiest children I’ve ever known, but once in a while portions of a temper shine through (to go along with her hair? Nah, just sin nature).  She is very small.  11th percentile for weight, and….this cracks me up as well, is in the 0 percentile for height.  Shorty.  She is not a good sleeper.  I guess she could be worse, but she still doesn’t sleep through the night.  On a good night, I get 9 hours out of her before she’s “hungry.”  Of course, for the first 3 of those hours, I’m not in bed yet.  Regardless of her few faults, she is a delightful little child.

Her favorite toys are…anything that is not a toy.  🙂  She enjoys playing with her sister and is starting to get excited when recognizing family and friends.

She is such a joy to our family.  A wonderful addition.  We love you, “Katelee!”


  1. She is adorable! Her red hair is beautiful! Time does have a strange way of flying and crawling at the same time.

  2. what a doll she is!

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