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Here are a few posts to get you started – or to occupy your time should you be bored…

Posts about my curly hair, plopping, and other such hair related topics are my most popular.  For a listing of all these posts, check out my Hair Highlights category!
On Being a Redhead and My Hair Color
Hair Experiment Series – Links to all posts in this series are at the end of the linked post.
Cutting My Own Hair and New Haircut
Plopping – My Adaptation 

Adventures in Garbage Duty
Bring Me a Taco?
The Mystery of the Missing Keys
Some People Don’t Have a Clue
The Tale of the Collarless Dog
You Know It’s Slightly Cold Out When…

Check out all the posts under Library Escapades!
Joys of Computer Problems
The Librarian’s Twelve Days of Christmas
My Awesome Dance Moves
Somebody Needs a Chill Pill
Wait…the Microwave?

I had a visitor at my house for a while.  The following are all the posts in that series.
Monster Mouse
The Return of Monster Mouse
Monster Mouse the Cunning
Take That, Monster Mouse!
The Tale of Monster Mouse
The Missing Monster Mouse?
Who’s Been Sitting In My Chair?
If You Give a Monster Mouse Some Dog Food
The Best Laid Traps of Monster Mouse and Men
Fat Mouse in a Fur Coat
The Demise of Monster Mouse

For all posts in this category, visit Midnight Maniac
Adventures in Sleeping
Trash Cans?
Things I’ve Learned from my Dreams

A myriad of posts are listed under Rural Ramblings.  The below are a few of my favorites.
Thoughts from an West Coast Girl on an East Coast Earthquake
The Country Has Cheesy News
California Stop
Exploding Mailbox
Nascar Fans are CuhRazy!
Why I Love Delaware

For a full view of all products and posts, you can visit Warming the Heart!  Or, check out the category.
Gimli Inspired Helmet and Beard Crochet Pattern
Meet Kit Hat Pattern
Snowy Day Hat
An Idyllic Saturday


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