Posted by: Becka | April 16, 2014

Or Did I Speak to Soon?

My previous post was rejoicing in the arrival of Spring.  This is how things looked as I was leaving for work this morning (as I’m not an early riser, I can only imagine what it was like before the sun came up).  I was a bit suspicious I would be greeted by a not-so-wonderful sight as I was hearing the sleet hit my bedroom window for half the night.  I’m hoping this was winter’s last “hurrah.”

April 075

April 082

April 083


I should have taken a picture of my snow-covered car.  ;)

Posted by: Becka | April 14, 2014

Spring Has Finally Arrived!

I feel like I waited so long for Spring this year.  It’s finally here!  The warmer weather, some rain showers, green!, and daffodils!  I’m loving all the budding trees and flowers.  It makes me so happy.

April 005

April 013

April 019

April 022

April 025

April 028

April 030

April 033

Posted by: Becka | April 9, 2014

Maternity Photos

A few weeks ago, my friend and I went to the beach to take a few of our own maternity pictures.  I’m rather pleased with how they turned out – especially for being done by a couple of amateurs (if you’d even call us that).  We plan on taking some with my husband in a few weeks.  :)

I was a little over 31 weeks in these pictures.

March 202


March 206

March 233

March 246

March 253

March 255




March 273

March 274

March 283-1





Posted by: Becka | March 22, 2014

Another Snow Day?

I must say, that I’m definitely ready for Spring.  I also must say that if it’s going to be cold and if it’s going to snow, I might as well get another snow day out of it.

We got so much  snow on Monday.   Over 6 inches, and definitely the most significant snowfall yet this year.  School was cancelled, my work was cancelled, and even my doctor’s appointment was cancelled.  I had big plans.  Unfortunately, I’m reaching the point of pregnancy where I get worn out really easily.

I worked hard and I did manage to get the kitchen cleaned, some laundry ironed, and the guest room ready for my mother’s upcoming visit.  Then it was time for a nap.  Only, the baby didn’t think so.  So, instead, I had a nice rest.  :)

March 162

March 168

March 173

March 175

March 176

March 180

March 187

March 190

March 195

March 197

We went over to a friend’s house for corned beef and cabbage, and then played some games and watched a movie.  It was such a nice day and subsequent evening.

I’d be happy if that was the last snowfall of the year, but the beginning of this coming week isn’t looking very promising.  I’m ready for Spring!

Posted by: Becka | March 21, 2014

A Gorgeous Weekend

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous.  It was a bright, sunny day and the temperature neared 70°.  We had been invited to lunch by a couple in their church, followed by an invitation to get firewood from all portions of their property.  We enjoyed a great afternoon of fellowship and hard work (well, they worked hard, I was instructed to “sit back and relax”).

March 069

March 071

March 074

March 077

March 079

March 080

March 082

March 086

March 090
March 093

It was such a gorgeous day!  Once we got home, I took some baby bump pics.  This was halfway through week 30!  Not much time left!

March 133-1

March 148-1

March 150


Posted by: Becka | March 6, 2014

Last Snow Day?

This past Monday, we got hammered with a treacherous storm.  While we didn’t get as much snow as predicted, the storm started as rain, turned to freezing rain and sleet, and then snowed.  As a result, the roads were really icy.

I was so happy/excited to get another snow day!  I know, realistically, that it was most likely the last snow day from work that I’ll have, so I wanted to enjoy it to it’s fullest.

I had such a nice day with Matt!  We were basically lazy with bouts of productivity.  :)  While perusing upstairs while Matt was doing some organization, I came across my bolts of fabric.  I realized that I had just enough for curtains.  I also realized that if I didn’t do them right away that they probably wouldn’t get made before the baby comes (or as my husband pointed out, until we move out of our house).

The “before” pics:

March 012

March 022

March 023

So, I set to work.  It took me several hours, but now three of my upstairs windows have new coverings!

March 015

March 024

March 025

I felt rather productive and it made me so happy to have this job done and out of the way.  Now, I can concentrate on other things, and any guests staying in my home won’t have to use bed sheets as substitute curtains!  :)  I’m so thankful for snow days (though now, I’m definitely looking forward to Spring!).

Posted by: Becka | March 4, 2014

The Dog Days of…Winter?

We’ve had a very interesting, but still pleasant, past few weeks at our house.  Due to training our dog on the art of his new electric fence, we had to shave a bit of his fur so the shock collar would actually make contact.  For those of you feeling badly for my dog, he’s way too smart for shock collars.  He won’t stay in the “no” zone long enough to get shocked before running back to where he’s supposed to be.  lol

Anyways, after shaving and shaving and shaving…(wow, he has a lot of fur!), we finally made contact.  However, by the next day, well, my poor dog had scratched at the shaved area and caused an open sore, which quickly turned into an abscess.  After a few days of cleaning his sore, and applying different topical solutions, we took him to the vet.  They shaved him some more, gave him some antibiotics, topical medication, and the cone of shame.

February 266

February 274

February 277

Since the night before his vet visit, we’ve had a new resident in our house.  Thankfully, Onesimus has been a very wonderful resident.  He doesn’t get into things he’s not supposed to (for the most part), doesn’t beg, and is overall a good, quiet housemate.  :)  I knew my dog was big, but until I saw him in my house and in comparison to my furniture, I didn’t really realize how big he was!

February 288

February 294

February 299

February 301


Onesimus is going to have an awfully hard time adjusting to his outdoor existence after this.  He adores being inside.  He is like having a solid shadow.  He follows me all over the house until he realizes that he’s not getting attention right now.  Then he does a big huff/sigh and settles down on the floor.

February 296

“Oh, you want to do your hair? Let me watch you.”

March 017

Posted by: Becka | February 13, 2014

A Dusting of Slush

I had a good laugh yesterday as one of our local weatherman predicted a dusting of slush.  What?  What does that even look like?  Sleet?

Little did I know how right he was!  We got several inches of snow last night (between 3-4), but sometime in the early morning, the precipitation turned over to rain and the result was a thick coating of slush!  From afar, all the slush actually looked like ice, due, in part, to the evenness of it.  So, as you can see, no snow day for me!  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  I’m definitely starting to be ready for spring, but I also wouldn’t mind another good snowstorm (resulting in a snow day or two).  It is only mid-February, after all.  However, today…well, you can see, just a “dusting of slush.”

February 214

February 215

February 216

Posted by: Becka | February 11, 2014

Girls’ Day Out

This past Saturday was so fun!  I met up with my friends and we headed to the beach for shopping and pictures.  We got some great deals while out shopping, and though it was bitterly cold at the beach, we ended up with a few fun pics!

February 140-1

February 155-1

February 156-1

February 167-1

February 168-1

February 173-1

February 178-1

After a nice lunch at my mother-in-law’s, we worked on invites for my upcoming baby shower and painted our toenails (which I almost immediately smudged mine and had to fix when I got home….).  It was fun just hanging out and spending time with the gals!

Posted by: Becka | February 4, 2014

Third Trimester, Here I Come!

This past weekend, I took a few pics of my baby “bump” (though Matt says it does not classify as a “bump,” so he calls it a baby belly).  I’ve hit the third trimester (the third trimester is the longest though, and that doesn’t make sense – shouldn’t all the trimesters have the same amount of weeks in them?).

February 040-1

February 043-1

February 055-1

24 Weeks!

In honor of my third trimester, I thought I’d post my current most frequently asked questions.

Q:  Have you found out what are you having yet?
A:  No, but we had the chance!  We’re not finding out the gender until birth (if possible).

Q:  Do you want a boy or girl?
A:  Yes. :)  I definitely don’t want something other than a boy or girl.  lol  I really have no preference one way or the other.  As long as my baby is healthy, I’m happy!  A BABY!  MY baby!  So excited.

Q:  Do you have any feelings on what gender it is?
A:  None whatsoever.  I do refer to the kid as “he” quite often, but I think that’s just because I got tired of saying “it.”

Q:  Have you picked out names?
A:  We have a boy’s first name picked out (have had it picked out almost since we got married), but that’s as far as we’ve gotten.  Honestly, we haven’t even discussed names since I got pregnant.

Q:  Is your nursery ready?
A:  Uh oh.  We need a nursery?  Actually, this is a long, slow process.  The nursery is filled with stuff that we are slowly going through and relocating throughout the house (or out of the house).  As a result, my house is a mess as everything is getting a new home.  Then, we’ll still have to paint!  ;)  I’m sure it will all be done in time.

Q:  What is the theme of your nursery.
A:  I don’t really have one.  We are painting the nursery in a light gray with reddish and teal-ish accent paints, however, our overall “plan” for the nursery is bright bold colors.  Basically, solid colors that are cheerful!

Q:  Can you feel the baby move yet?
A:  Umm…I’ve actually been feeling the baby move for over 9 weeks.  Now, it’s kicking really hard, other people can easily feel it, and you can sometimes see it moving.

Q:  How are you feeling?
A:  My morning sickness hit late.  However, since it has passed (about 8 weeks ago), I have felt absolutely marvelous!  I’m not overly tired, not overly hungry, and life is basically normal.  Well, except that there is a small person kicking my ever-growing belly and my back hurts whenever I do any type of work, standing, sitting…basically my back is sore in the evenings.  ;)

Q:  You’re pregnant?!
A:  Yep.  Most definitely. (I am just starting to look pregnant to strangers).

Q: Are you having any cravings? Or any strange cravings?
A:  Not really.  I actually can’t think of a single craving I’ve had in the last month except for bubble gum.  Yeah, I don’t know, it just sounded so good.  I now carry it in my purse – you know, just in case.

Q:  When is your due date?
A: May 21.  Obviously, this question is asked often and mostly by people I’ve told already that want to be reminded.  :)

Outside of the questions, I’m pretty sure that the kid responds to my husband’s voice.  All will be calm and still, until my husband starts talking, says something, or laughs.  Then it’s party time in my stomach.  Other than that, I haven’t noticed that the baby has startled yet.  Also, I think I may have detected hiccups once or twice, but I’m totally unsure.  lol

February 101-1

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